Additional Programs

We’re constantly finding new partners and developing exciting new applications for the FosterHicks system. Some recent ones:

Money & Me

Aligning the economic desires of both individuals and organizations with their financial realities, this one day program teaches the concepts and tools that allow us to feel most in control of our money.
Unlike programs that focus on budgeting and financial planning (which are compelling to only 35% of the U.S. population), this program reveals the deepest core needs and financial behaviors that most affect us all, and includes such things as how to understand your “core money personality,” where your intentions come into conflict with your desired financial outcomes, how your “money defenses” sabotage you, and how to convert money fears and stress into opportunity and new actions.

Biochemistry of Sales

The first practical program that brings the compelling science of biochemistry to the art of sales. Participants learn to evoke positive biochemical responses and neurological congruence with their customers to create calm, focused, and successful sales relationships.


A behavioral interviewing tool and measurement system to help ensure you’re hiring the right people with the attitudes, behaviors, and choices that make the greatest contribution to your company.

Happy Architecture and Design

Helping architects and designers create people-centered physical environments that foster happiness, connection to others, and a sense of well-being.

Essential Parenting

A workshop and workbook with simple techniques for people in life’s most important role: creating accountable, loving, and affirming relationships with children.

Self-Empowerment through Literature

For English teachers to teach their students an extraordinary template for analyzing literature. Children can learn from the world’s best stories and storytellers how to live their own lives more effectively and happily.

Healthy Communities

The FosterHicks system for individuals contains the same elements as the most high-functioning communities. From groups of disparate individuals, our program creates supportive and thriving

Please contact us if you have other ideas for applying the FosterHicks system.