The Brilliant Health Method

One of our newest offerings to organizations, The Brilliant Health Method, comes from our years of research into the happiness-health connection as presented in our book, Happiness & Health (Penguin, 2009). Brilliant Health is defined as a deep feeling of vitality, well-being and the sense that you’ve achieved the highest possible quality of life. When you follow the Brilliant Health method you can have a healthier body down to the cellular level. You have better brain function. You recover faster from illness and injury. Your organ systems function better. And you can even look forward to the possibility of a longer, and definitely better, life.

We are now consulting with organizations in the design and implementation of their employee wellness programs and offering patient-related programs in chronic disease and pain management. (The latter is a potential addition to a medical center’s evolution into an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) as per the new federal medical guidelines.)

In workplace wellness programs, Brilliant Health serves as an important additional element to the usual components of diet, exercise and smoking-cessation. It capitalizes on the exciting new science of positive emotions, and is beneficial for those wishing to loose weight with Phentermine 37.5. The Brilliant Health Method is also being used to help patients who have been diagnosed with cancer, HIV, diabetes, heart disease, and for pain management.

In 2011, results from a study of patient-participants who attended the Foster/Hicks Brilliant Health program at the Mayo Clinic, were presented to the Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies Conference. It showed the Brilliant Health Program to be an effective intervention in fostering positive health-related changes, a sense of control over health, and feelings of hope related to health for people with cardiac disease.