With more than a decade of work bringing the Foster Hicks Model to major medical centers throughout the US and Canada, our programs are custom designed to create systematic enhancements of professional behavior at the practice level. In the fast-changing arena of healthcare delivery, specific behaviors, attitudes, and communication tools are now the essential foundations of success. Our outcomes include improvements in: patient satisfaction scores, employee morale, patient safety, and high trust relationships between medical professionals and their patients.

Our patient satisfaction, leadership, and employee satisfaction programs have been presented to the following groups:

  • Healthcare Leadership Institutes
  • Hospital Senior Leadership Teams
  • Intact departments (ex.: Emergency Department, Residency Program, Cardiovascular Department)
  • Entire professional groups (ex: all Nursing Department employees, all risk managers, all surgical nurses)
  • Global Health Leadership Fellowships
  • Patient Safety Fellowships
  • Public Health Professionals
  • Group and individual coaching for professionals at high risk of medical malpractice claims
  • Self-care (self-efficacy) programs for medical professionals experiencing burn-out

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Our content can be presented as keynote presentations or one, two, or three-day training programs. We can schedule our programs to keep your employees on the job, while still participating in the presentation.

A sample of recent programs:

  • The Behavioral Essentials of Professional-Patient Relationships
  • Reducing Patient Anger and Reducing Medical Malpractice Claims
  • Team and Network Wellbeing in the Medical Center
  • Cross-Functional Team Training (creating high trust and shared behaviors between two or more departments in the medical center)
  • Fundamentals of a Healthy Hospital Department
  • Healthcare Team Leadership
  • The Doctors’ Personal Experiences – a Facilitated Discussion Between Medical Professionals
  • Everything You Need to Know About the Needs and Work Styles of your Colleagues and Patients
  • Why Most of Your Patients are Different From You
  • The Behavioral Elements of Re-admission Reduction


In addition to our own presentations, many of our healthcare programs can be licensed to your institution. We will train your learning and development professionals to deliver the programs and supply materials for their use.