Our Programs

Team Culture

Team Culture IconBuild the happy, high trust team that breaks down silos, “recasts” problems, communicates openly, and assumes ownership. We customize our system to your needs. This is team transformation that sticks.


Happiness IconCreate a life of joy, capability, and connection to others through our 9-step happiness programs. A practical roadmap that leads to both happiness and personal success.


Leadership IconTools and behaviors that allow you to create a successful, transparent, engaged, and loyal organization, and also keep yourself resilient and low-stress. Sustain yourself and your team.


Health IconImprove brain function, boost immune systems, feel energized, reduce pain and perhaps even live longer, using our medically-validated 9-step behavioral program: “Brilliant Health.” It’s the new Science of Positive Emotions!


Money IconDeliver excellent patient care, generate high levels of patient satisfaction, excellent doctor-nurse-patient relationships, and high employee morale, while reducing medical malpractice claims.

Additional Programs

Additional ProgramsThe FosterHicks System is the foundation for a bevy of innovative programs that create success in: sales, parenting, self-empowerment for teenagers, building healthy communities, and “happy” architecture and design.