Team Culture

Building the High-Trust, High-Performance Team and Organization

“Culture outperforms strategy every time”

– Greg Hicks and Rick Foster

For Organizations: FosterHicks helps clients increase growth and profitability by developing a workplace culture essential to the successful implementation of company-wide values, strategies and change initiatives. Using our three-step process, we build a new pattern of thinking and action into the culture that facilitates execution of business goals and leads to high trust, accountability, collaboration and effective communication.

For Teams: There are many generic team-building programs out there. We offer something different. Our program is designed around two important elements: the real-time issues of your team, and the FosterHicks system – the scientifically-recognized behaviors of optimally-successful teams and networks. By combining this with our trust formula and built-in follow-up process, we help to create a new team culture rooted in higher levels of energy, focus, cohesiveness, productivity and alignment around common goals and a shared vision.

We’ve presented these programs to:

  • Fortune 50 companies and leading medical centers to affect company-wide culture change
  • Senior executive teams of global business and medical centers
  • Mid-level managers in financial services corporations
  • Engineers, lawyers, physicians, nurses, and risk managers
  • I.T. teams
  • Cross-functional teams leading change initiatives
  • Patient safety teams
  • Surgical teams
  • Sales and marketing teams
  • E-commerce teams
  • Food services and hospitality teams
  • Community non-profits
  • City and county governments

Our success and long-term relationships with clients have come from the power and sustainability of this training experience. For more specifics on how we structure this 3-phase process, please contact us.


How to build optimal teams is our most requested keynote theme at local and national conferences. Our newest and most popular offering is called A Roadmap to Creating Happy, Healthy Teams. It’s designed for leaders (and organizations) who want to create an environment in which employees are more positive, motivated, accountable, and physically healthy, and who also want to learn how to manage their own stress and be more energized at work.