Why Our System Works

Why the FosterHicks System Works:

The FosterHicks system is made up of nine behaviors that are genetically hardwired to give us physical health and a sense of well-being. Why does our system work? Medical anthropologists, scientific studies, and our own research tells us that all human beings get positive biochemical rewards for doing these nine behaviors because they ensure our success and ultimate survival as a species. This was as true for ancient human clans as it is for our modern relationships, teams and organizations. In a large study done in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic and National Research Center, the FosterHicks system was found to be highly correlated with feelings of high quality of life and emotional well-being.

Developed after our worldwide journey interviewing extremely happy people, the FosterHicks system has been embraced as a model for success by global companies, leading medical institutions, and major universities – see Clients section.

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